The ‘Eagle’ Guitar

The design of the ‘Eagle’ guitar was a combination of ideas between Andy Volpe (a violin maker) and Glen. The project began in 1983 with Andy working on the guitar 3 days per week at his home (taking six months to complete). In 1993 the ‘Eagle’ was worked on by Merv Cargill – a renowned guitar technician/repairer. He further enhanced the ‘Eagle’ by crafting a twenty-four fret ebony fretboard and a Floyd Rose locking nut tremolo system…and this is how you see it today!



Type: Custom Electric ‘Eagle’ Guitar

Construction: Three piece – One piece maple, two piece mahogany through body

Fretboard: Twenty-four fret ebony

Pick ups: 1 x Dimarzio Humbucker (front), 1 x E.M.G. (Back)

Control Knobs: Gibson

Machine Heads: Schaller

Tremolo: Floyd Rose locking nut system

Switches: 1 x Toggle switch (between pickups), 1 x Treble Boost, 1 x Phase

Scratch plate: Custom Brass