Matt and Kirsten ~ Brad & Ryan

Glen teaches our 2 boys guitar.
He is kind, patient, extremely reliable and easy going. Glen’s dedication to his students is outstanding and he has done an amazing job of keeping them engaged in guitar through remote lessons during lockdowns. He tailors his lessons to suit each individual child which helps keep them motivated and achieve a feeling of success. Glen’s passion, knowledge and love for guitar is infectious. This is more than evident in the way he presents songs and the ease in which our boys pick it up. Each week they eagerly look forward to not only their lessons but also catching up with Glen. He has an amazing rapport with his students and an important mentor and friend. We couldn’t recommend him more highly. We are all so very lucky to have him being an important part of not only our boys music lessons but also their lives. Thank you Glen.

Brad ~ Age 11

Glen has been teaching me guitar for 3 years. I think he is a great teacher because he teaches you at your own pace. He also tells  you the history of the things he teaches and is very good to have a conversation with about life outside guitar. Just make sure to tell him not to sing!

Ryan ~ Age 7

I love guitar and have been playing for almost a year now. Glen is really nice at teaching me guitar. I want to keep playing guitar for many more years. My lessons are always fun!

Kristen ~ Lucas

Where do I start?! … Glen is absolutely amazing. Glen has been teaching my son Lucas for 6 years now and what an amazing experience it has been so far. We changed to private lessons 4.5 years ago and I couldn’t be more thankful. Glen has been a solid constant in our lives and during COVID lockdowns has been a god send for a little bit of sanity. His way of teaching, yes is a little different, however, it is something that children especially my boy easily relate to. The music education they become involved in is unheard of and it’s the classics every time. Every time Lucas threw Glen a curve ball at the beginning of a lesson to learn something new, Glen adjusted his hat, and said ok, let’s have a listen and give it a crack. The way Glen relates to each child’s individual needs and learning abilities is so incredibly flexible and rare. I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone to teach their child or themselves without the traditional, robotic learning to read music. It is fun and what is taught cannot be learnt through reading music,  but a passion for what is heard. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Aaron ~ Harry and Jacob

Our boys have been students of Glen’s for a number of years now and they love it. Glen has such enthusiasm for music and it’s obvious how much of a kick he gets out of seeing his students improve and progress. We believe music is an essential part of life and we recommend Glen as a teacher of the highest order. Thank you Glen.


Glen has such a good way of teaching, it’s so easy to understand. Honestly he could be the best teacher ever.

Christian and Ricarda ~ Richard

Glen has been our sons guitar teacher since January 2019. Richard loves his way of teaching a lot. He counts the days down from one lesson to the next.

Glen is a kind, patient and very knowledgeable teacher. Richard has achieved a lot during the last couple of years. Glen is very reliable, responsive and we love his updates on Richard’s progress. Glen is an inspiration, a great outside influence in our sons life.

His lessons are affordable too and can accommodate different budgets.

We all are super happy customers.

Georgina ~ Imogen
Glen has been teaching our daughter, Imogen, ukulele since prep. She is now in grade 2 and doing incredibly well with her lessons. She has  recently started guitar lessons as well. I highly recommend Glen as a teacher – he is kind and patient and has a wonderful rapport with the kids. His classes fit anyone’s budget and well worth it. During lockdown, Glen has continued classes (remotely) and our daughter is absolutely loving it. Very happy customers. 😁


Margot ~ Beau – guitar and Lulu – ukulele

Glen is an awesome teacher. He is truly an inspiration, introducing my kids 7 and 8 years to great music, while  also teaching music they are interested in. They both love the lessons which have been able to continue over lockdown. They are always playing their instruments 😊 and even put a song together for their Dad on Father’s Day, amazing! Thanks Glen for being a great teacher.


Glen is a great teacher who makes learning the guitar fun. I have enjoyed learning songs with a low degree of difficulty and then building up to harder songs. Glen is a relaxed, friendly guy and very patient. I am currently learning ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin and proud of my efforts!

Jenny ~ Jacob

Jacob has been having guitar lessons with Glen now for just over a year. I have seen his enthusiasm grow over this time from me having to encourage him to practise, to him continually picking up his guitar and strumming away. He enjoys playing and I credit this to Glen’s teaching of playable songs from different genres of music and his contagious enthusiasm. Thank you Glen.


Glen is an awesome guitar tutor!

I have been learning so much in two years. I can play notes and songs with him – more than I ever did with my other guitar tutor.


Glen Vinton has been teaching our 13yo daughter for five months. Her progression under his tutelage is nothing short of astonishing. She has learnt more in these five months, than the previous three years, with another teacher, put together. Glen has a unique talent of being a both a gifted teacher and player. His love of guitar, the guitar greats, and the electrifying riffs that he demonstrates, inspires and galvanises my daughter. She practises daily to be as good as Glen, to hear his gentle words of praise each lesson, and to receive suggestions to challenge herself further.

One day (soon, the way she’s going) I hope to hear them play together: busking or on stage, as he’s lit a fire in her that is so wonderful to see (and listen to).

Kalani ~ Student age 15

Glen is such an amazing guitar teacher. I am honestly so grateful for all of the lessons I have had with him! Glen has always taught me in a way that I understand and if I didn’t know something, I was always comfortable to ask him to explain it in a different way. He makes lessons fun and gives you the opportunity to go busking once you have learnt 10 songs. Thank you so much Glen!! I highly recommend Glen as a guitar teacher.

Aaron and Cai Li ~ Ethan

My son has been taught guitar lessons by Glen for two years. Glen is a great teacher for Ethan, and has always explained everything in great detail if Ethan has had problems. The goal of going busking after learning ten songs has greatly helped Ethan’s improvement and eagerness to practise and learn. If only all teachers were like Glen!!

Sara Van Orsouw ~ Rebecca 

My 11 year old daughter has been taught by Glen for 4 months after learning guitar elsewhere for 8 months. In the time she has had lessons by Glen she has progressed further than what she has with her previous teacher and her enjoyment learning this instrument has grown. His enthusiasm and passion in playing the guitar is reflected in his teaching. He not only provides realistic goals for my daughter to achieve but also great incentives eg. Busking after learning 10 songs, which has motivated her to practise. Glen’s a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone with children or want to learn guitar themselves.

Charlotte Brudenell ~ Student age 11 (Click on picture) 


Deb and Steve Brudenell ~ Charlotte

Thank you Glen for giving our Charlotte such an eagerness to learn the guitar (& now the ukulele too).. After 2 years of lessons, she still excitedly looks forward to her weekly lessons.. We have watched both her personal & musical confidence consistently grow under your guidance.. The busking experience you provide has also contributed to this.. Not only are you an excellent educator, but you are a brilliant person.. The passion & energy that both you & Janine give the kids is second to none.. I think that’s very clear in your students abilities & the fact they just adore you.. Thanks again for all that you are.. You guys rock!!  

Lisa Vandenbosch ~ Principal ~ Crib Point Primary School

Glen has provided private guitar lessons to numerous children at Crib Point Primary School over the past three and a half years growing from just five children to now over twenty. His growing business now embraces five other schools due to his friendly, dynamic and enjoyable approach.

His lessons are based on the philosophy that if you teach children to play a whole song quickly they will remain engaged and passionate rather than plodding through endless finger exercises. This is evident in the pride and joy on the faces of the children as they participate in a lesson; perform in front of assembly or outside of the school.

Glen gets wonderful results from the children who just can’t wait for their next session.

Jade Huber ~ Student age 12

My name is Jade Huber and I have been going to Glen’s lessons for about one year.

Glen has been an amazing tutor; I have always felt comfortable and happy when I was there. He is always easy to understand, very funny and a great guitar player.

He is very patient and always relaxed. If you ever get confused, he’s always there to help. Going to Glen’s was the best thing I have ever done. After you have learnt 10 songs, you get the chance to go busking. I can guarantee if you go, you will not forget it! 

Glen has taught me to “Never give up, keep on picken”. I strongly recommend Glen as a Guitar Tutor.

Anthony Gadd ~ Riley

My 11 year old son Riley has been taking guitar lessons with Glen for 12 months. The development in that time has been incredible, and given Riley a great deal of confidence, a love of music and playing guitar.

As a teacher myself, I can fully appreciate and admire Glen’s incredible passion and patience. His enthusiasm and motivation is infectious, and at times I’m not quite sure who’s enjoying the lesson more, Riley, Glen or me watching them jam together.

His guitar lessons are very flexible, always teaching and encouraging Riley to play the music he likes to play. He also delivers his lessons at our home, which is very convenient for us.

The opportunity for all of Glen’s students to play at the annual recital is a terrific initiative, and shows how both Glen and Janine encourage and support their students to enjoy such a great experience. Riley was very fortunate to win an electric guitar in a raffle at the recital, which was a huge thrill, and now there’s no stopping him.

I have no hesitation in recommending Glen and Janine at X10SIV Guitar Tuition for anyone considering taking guitar lessons. You won’t regret it.

Allison Burdon ~ Sam

Glen Vinton of X10SIV Guitar Tuition has been teaching my son the guitar for over 3 years.   Glen is an awesome teacher and mentor, who infects his students with his passion for playing the guitar.

Glen has a wonderful way of engaging with his students.  His lessons are fun and easy for everyone.  He has a positive influence on his students and they treat him with great respect.

Glen encourages his students to perform.  The looks of achievement on students’ faces is ‘priceless’ after they finish performing and hear the applause of an audience.

In a few short lessons, Glen has his students playing music that they enjoy, whether it be jazz, blues or something from P!nk, AC/DC or The Black Keys.  His repertoire of music is “extensive”.

Charlotte Smith ~ Student age 10

Glen is the most funny, crazy and amazing guitar teacher. He has taught me so much songs.

He makes me think that it is possible that I will become a famous guitar player in a band.

I am going to miss him very much, but I hope one day we will meet again and he will be in the front row of the stage.

I think he is a very good player and even though he doubts that he can sing I think he is a great singer.

He is very kind for giving me hot chips at lunch and he never forgets my birthday, even though I don’t deserve it he also buys me a little present for my birthday.

He always makes me happy and he can always tell a joke.

Sanda Smith ~ Charlotte

As a parent I find Glen to be a fantastic music teacher as he has encouraged and progressed my daughter to a point where she can pick up the guitar and play an impressive range of songs.

This is within only two years of tutoring.

This would not be possible without his easy going and fun approach which instantly draws the student into feeling excited to learn new guitar technique on a weekly basis.

My daughter even tries to write her own lyrics and invent her own pieces of music to all our amazement.

I encourage anyone to take their child to learn guitar from Glen. He is amazing!

Kathy Hudson ~ Aaron 

My son has been learning guitar with Glen for 2 years now. From the first moment they sat down together it was obvious that they connected. Glen is so full of knowledge and enthusiasm for this instrument that it is contagious – Aaron just soaked it all up and still lights up whenever he picks up his guitar. Watching Aaron and Glen play together, it is hard to tell who is having more fun.

The support that Glen offers is exceptional. If I have a concern about Aaron’s practising (or lack thereof), Glen is only a phone call away. The concerts that Aaron has been involved in have boosted his confidence and inspired him to keep practising.

Sophie O’Connor ~ Seth

My son Seth has been having lessons with Glen since the age of 7 and he has gained the confidence to perform in two recitals. Both recitals were professional: my family and friends thoroughly enjoyed them.

Glen is an exceptional teacher with the ability to bring out the best in all his students. I have witnessed my son from his early days to the competent student that he is today. Glen and Janine are caring people who do what they do for the love of music. I will always send my son to Glen for tuition as his down to earth approach is much needed to develop children’s love of music.

Thank you Glen & Janine for everything you do.

Marg Ffrench ~ Arthur

Arthur has been a student of Glen’s for the past three years.

He has been a primary school student until now, but with his progression to secondary school this year is now a private student.

We have stayed with the private lessons even though Arthur’s secondary school is going to be paying for his music lessons there. This is in no small way due to the instruction from Glen so far.

Arthur was disturbed at the prospect of not continuing with Glen this year because “he makes lessons fun”. From my perspective, the lessons have been awesome! Arthur’s progress has been phenomenal.

Arthur comes from a family with no musical history or training, but now has a varied repertoire of both old and new songs. Through Glen, he now has the confidence to try new tunes and to compose his own tunes as well.

On a personal level, both Glen & Janine involve themselves in their pupils’ lives and get to know them as individuals. Their friendly yet highly professional manner is reflected in Arthur’s musical improvement.

Mark & Di Watson ~ Jordan & Kade

Glen and Janine are dedicated and passionate about their music, which is infectious and inspiring.

Our 12 year old daughter Jordan and 9 year old son Kade have been learning guitar under Glen for the past 4 years and have improved dramatically.

They both enjoy their music, with Jordan receiving a Music Scholarship for Secondary College late last year based on her talent with guitar.

Recently we purchased a new Gibson guitar for our daughter, with Glen & Janine giving much of their time to help research, including Glen travelling to Melbourne with us to view before buying.

Glen has also taken Jordan busking at a local market on a Sunday morning, purely for the experience.

The guitar concerts which have been organised by Glen & Janine the past two years have been an absolute success, whilst providing entertainment for the audience and a huge confidence booster for the students.

Glen and Janine are held in very high regard by our family and we recommend X10SIV Guitar Tuition to all aspiring guitarists. You won’t regret it!!!!!!!!

Elaine & Pete Ascott ~ Tate & Neah

Glen, Thanks so much for teaching both of our girls the guitar; they both love it and we really appreciate you working around our ever changing and crazy schedule.

You make it so easy.

We love listening to you… the songs they learn are very cool.