1. Do you have a Working With Children Check? – Yes
  2. What is the price for lessons? $45 hour/$25 30 min.  
  3. Do you sell guitars and related items? – No, but I can assist with the purchasing of instruments as I have a close relationship with a wonderful store in Frankston ‘Guitars & Things’
  4. Do I need a guitar tuner? – A definite YES (There are plenty of free guitar tuner apps that are available)
  5. How do I pay for lessons? – Lessons are payable on the day (or in advance per term) either by cash or bank transfer.
  6. When do you teach? – Please contact us for available times.
  7. At what age can a student begin lessons? – Ideally, seven years and above. This depends on how keen the student is…as the first lesson is without cost or obligation, I do assess if I think they are ready.
  8. How often should I play the guitar? – I advise at least 15 minutes per day. If this is not possible every other day.
  9. How do I know when it’s time to change strings? – Your strings will sound dull and they will be discoloured.
  10. Why do my strings buzz when I try to play a chord? – One of two reasons. 1. Your fingers are not pressed down hard enough on the strings, creating buzz. 2. The set up of the guitar is incorrect; we can help if this is the case.
  11. What is the best way to improve? – Practise, practise, practise!
  12. When will I be able to play a full song? – This is probably the hardest question I get asked. It really does depend on the individual and their commitment.
  13. Do you teach adults? – Yes, you are never too old to take on something new!
  14. What are your cancellation policies? – Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice are to be paid for in full at the next lesson. Where a lesson is cancelled within notice (min 24 hrs) either a makeup lesson will be made at a mutually agreeable time or a $20 (1 hr lesson) $10 (30 min lesson) cancellation fee will be payable at the next lesson.